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The Lost City

La Ciudad Perdida, or the Lost City of the Tayrona people, is an ancient city deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta coastal mountains. Its remains are only accessible on foot during a 3 to 4 day hike. It wasn’t until 1972 that it was rediscovered.

The hike is challenging from time to time, but ever so rewarding when you set eye on the beautiful ruins of the Lost City. The strong sense of remoteness and vast wilderness will definitely stick deep into your mind. It is a fascinating experience through mountains, valleys, rivers and indigenous trails. It is considered a moderately difficult hike with a number of river crossings and several steep ascents and descents.

The hike to Ciudad Perdida can’t be done by oneself. You have to go through a recognised tour agency. There are several agencies, all of them operate out of Santa Marta.

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